Membership fee

Invest your time, pay what you can

Pay what you can?

To embrace diversity we use a pay-what-you-can approach.

This means you can choose the membership fee that fits your needs and current financial situation.

Why not free?

Long Term Society is carefully curated, enabled by paid memberships.

We've noticed that people who pay show up with their heads cleared and their hearts open. They made a commitment to themselves.

That's the kind of people you want to meet.

We have some price suggestions

The standard Mycelium membership is €650 per year.

For those who want to check in monthly with long-term thinkers and leaders.

This amount helps the community to develop a sustainable movement.

The Forest membership is €1000 per year.

For those who want our movement to grow.

This amount opens the door to someone else who cannot afford a membership. You will be their godfather/godmother.

The Soil membership is €350 per year.

For those who are unable to frequently participate in our events for private or professional reasons.

This amount is a commitment to yourself to value your long-term ambitions.

The Seed membership is €12 per year.

For those doing unique work but not yet able to afford a standard membership.

This amount is a small gesture to the community as a sign of commitment.

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