How to join

Are you driven to create long-term impact?

You cannot stay on the sidelines?

You want to change the zeitgeist?


Long Term Society might be something for you.

Membership criteria

Joining Long Term Society is limited to people who meet these criteria:

Leadership role: as rising entrepreneur or senior decision maker.

Track record: actively working on long-term impact.

European: born in Europe, moved to Europe or European abroad.

How to join

  1. Read about our members and our mission. Is it a match?
  2. Apply to join by filling in the form below.
  3. We will review your application and get to know you in a short call.
  4. Join an event free of charge as a candidate member.

After your preview period, membership is a paid commitment.

"I am energised for the rest of my day.
I could do this every day."

Erik Mannens, Prof. Sustainable AI

Start by booking a call

A short call to get to know each other.

Got questions?

We're happy to hear from you at team@longtermsociety.eu.

What membership includes

Twelve Online Mixers per year

Four Offline Gatherings per year

Continuous access to the memberlist